It is like a Russian Roulette, when you hold an almost dying matchstick in your hand, and the cig still hasn’t been illuminated. The elephant pirouetting in the room to a Limp Bizkit deserves to be lit more. Only to be quenched by the boatman sitting on his haunches by the Farakka Barrage.  io

If you have the tools, you can burrow through the world. But remember, curiosity has the propensity to kill the Cheshire Cat. Who is to say the Grumpy Cat, the French Cat, the jungle cat, all aren’t the same as Schrodinger’s Cat?

So many tribulations, so many failures. You don’t need the gateway as such, but having one wouldn’t be bad to change one’s perspective. Sometimes I wish my perspectives changed with the change in the Central Government.

How fucked up do you have to be able to see the triumph just within range, but to forego it willingly on some twisted notions of morality? Are we really the person we were if we do forego it?

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