While I have been away~ Kitne Aadmi The?

It’s been quite a while since my last post. And I have been busy. And working, without any significant results in return, and maybe am learning to not give a shit about it. January 2011 saw the hostel going into a frenzy to prepare for Goonj, the interhostel band competition. Tensions ran high as the hostel music secretary scurried to scour for musicians within the hostel, and within 2 days was assembled an ensemble band.

Concept: Gabbar and Thakur battle it out musically.

Bad isn’t it? Owe it to the hasty sound check due to limited time availability, due to which our rhythm guitarist Sahil Patwa was poorer by a processor that was to enable distortion. But that’s another story.

Below is what it was supposed to sound like.

The title ‘Kitne Aadmi the’ is the name of an original composition I started to compose, being helped in the venture by Bharat Prabhakar in catching two seniors Jatin Solanki and Kanhaiyya bairwa to pen down the lyrics. The complex part within each stanza was handled by Prasun Agrawal on the tabla, Aditya Pathak on the lead guitar and Hymen, the God guitarist who couldn’t play according to the rules, being an extended student. Rest of the band comprised of Darsh Maheshwari (drummer), Pratul Mangal (Synth and mouth organ. He is also the General Secretary of our Hostel. Heaven knows what he will be dabbling in next), Advait Gomkale (on Tabla and Congo) and Vishrut Garg (Bassie).

Bharat Prabhakar was Gabbar and I played the part of Thakur.

Below are the lyrics:


<Dialogue> Arey O Samba! Kitna Inaam Rakhi hai sarkar ham par?

“Sardar, Poore 50000 sarkar!”

50 hazaar! Muahahahahahah!

Kaapte hai log mere naam se,
Raamgarhvaasi gaye kaam se,

Main likhu saari taqdeere,
Jaane Kitte gao loote,
Haa zehen me mere har dam,
Ek Sawaal gardan ghote,

Pata karo,
Kitte aadmi the?

Darr gaya jo samjho mar gaya,
Maut se hai usko kya haya,

Hijdo ki fauj paali,
Gayi bhaag Dhanno saali,
Haan zehen me mere har dam,
Khoono ki behti naali,

Pata karo
Kitte aadmi the?


Haa, ye thi daastan,
Kahu mein kya ksimat me jo likha,

Ye, Tune jo kiya,
Sahenge naa zulmon ka silsila

Tune bhool ye anjaani ki,
Kyu tune holi pe manmaani ki,
Fir bhi zehen me tere yun,
Kyu tune khud se poochha taani ki,

Jaa keh diya,
Do hi aadmi they.


Gabbar: Ye haath mujhe de de Thakur! Arey, tere to haath hi nahi hai re!

Thakur: Gabbar, tere liye to mera violin hi kaafi hai!

<End with a Violin Solo>

Check out Sahil Patwa’s post for a more humorous take.


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