Having spent the entire day sleeping and sneezing under the layer of bedsheets I put up with as a blanket halting everyday ablutions, rituals and meals, it was only sane that I decided order something delicious to quell the indecent roars of disapproval emanating from my entrails. Freshie, a wingie, voiced a similar opinion. Googling […]


The Bard’s Demise

‘The glitter of the knife shimmered brilliant…’ Rip. Crumple. ‘Crimson carcass among life appeared alien…’ Rip. Crumple. ‘The unquenchable polydipsia for grume…’ Rip. Crumple. ‘The gory renaissance of a loon…’ Rip. Crumple. ****** Exhausted fell the quill on the wood, The head on the tenement of the arms stood, No fossiscker’s paradise this, Hours of […]

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