Open Minds 1

This is an assignment I had written for my philosophy minor. Not very lucidly thought out, but had to share it, what with Harry Potter releasing today. The Legilimens and Occlumens searches are bound to give me a few hits. Not that I give a damn about it though. Anyways, here it is.

Case Study: Herein we take a person, named Akim (I fancied an Israeli name) who is a perfectly functioning God fearing society dwelling normal human being. Let us assume further that he is a student, performs quite well in academics and stuff, and nurtures a crush for a girl who is in his class but does not possess the courage to profess his sacrosanct love to her. Life is going as smooth as possible, and even though I hate to sound like the Bollywood movie script writers who kitschify and ruin a Hollywood script in the name of adapting it for the Indian audience to digest, tragedy strikes.

It was a Friday that he came a little early to the school, and found himself alone in the class with an extremely hot girl (not ladylove) from his batch. They exchanged pleasantries, during which he admired her contours as she stood up and reciprocated. Her face suddenly blanched, and she mouthed whether he thought the same of his mother. Akim staggered in shock, recalling suddenly a not so agreeable incident with his mother. She stared horrified at him, before she ran out of the class.

The entire day he sat around in a tizzy, as friends after friends, enemies, teachers, even the librarian expressed their acknowledgement/ dissentience at the way Akim thought of them all. He also got called by the principal, who didn’t look so pleased when he left her office.

He had realised, now, that his mind had become an open book, which could be perused by each and every person on the planet. Everywhere he turned, someone had something to say to him. All of a sudden he had become the most truthful person on earth, and boy, did he hate it. Let us now experience from his point of view what he must have been undergoing at the time.

Vulnerability and Guilt: All of a sudden, he feels safe no more. He can no longer look anyone in the eye while speaking a blatant lie. He is suddenly overburdened by this heavy weight of guilt that rides huge upon him, which makes life all the more miserable for him. One instance would be the time in his 9th grade when he had accidentally peeked in the bedroom of his mother while she had been dressing up for some party they were to go to. He had seen, at that time, all the vital assets which were a subject of constant discussion and rumination among his peers in school consisting of males. And if we are to believe in Freud and the entire discourse he gave citing the Oedipus complex, we would be compelled to think that Akim, though ravaged by remorse from time to time, couldn’t help but feel a certain amount of tingling in the chords of his heart at this new discovery. The sight probably provided him with images subject to nightly emissions for some days in the future. In the present day, however, now that Akim has found out about his defect, he can no longer look at his mother and NOT think about it, which leads to, inevitably, his mother finding out about the incident and berating him.

Later at his college, some of the closest secrets that he has been entrusted with are now being found out about and by everyone. People are appalled at how base his thoughts, shocked regarding some of the views he held about some of them. That is to say, every day when Akim would meet some people whose sole existence riled him, he wouldn’t be so forthcoming about it in his speeches, would he? In all probability he would pose the faux smile while giving that particular bloke the mental middle finger. These particular species now speak ill of him together, discussing his meanness, thanking God for the ability to see through his maleficent designs. His regular bunch of friends do not exactly shun him, but they have had a most horrible time with other people coming to know about quite a lot of their personal lives. They are careful now about what they discuss and tell. Friendship is now formal. Akim gets fed up. It does not take long for him to become a social recluse.

Lady love too finds out about his fondness for her. Whether she approved or not, we can never know. If she did not, she will simply not talk to Akim. But even if she did approve, she would shy away from Akim because their relationship, she knows, will be nothing less than a television soap opera out there for the sole purpose of public entertainment. Nowhere to go for emotional support and humiliated, Akim tries to manage as best as he can in his grievous situation.


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