The Visitors

(This story has been written for the Creative Writing GC, an inter-hostel writing competition. This is supposed to be a cyclic story, wherein even if you start from the last paragraph {the part after ****}, the story should make sense. Though I didn’t win anything on this one, it <snare drum rolling> got a special […]

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Om Pavanmuktam Namah!

“…just cant seem to concentrate on studies man. Really gonna get screwed this sem…” “Chill yaar. Tried meditating?” said Wegit. “Well, no. Wait a sec, what? Hahahahahah!” “Abey it works…seriou…” “Yeah yeah…So what Asana do you excel in? Taking your own pecker in your mouth?” “Fuck you. Yoga doesn’t even have to be related to […]

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