The Autumnal Musing

Can these crumpled leaves

Evoke the eras bygone?

As an aged greybeard sieves,

Through a memory forlorn


Lying on the tarmac,

Decrepit, sans gleen,

A mite in a haystack,

Clamouring to be seen


Trodden upon by life,

Which it did once possess,

When vitality was rife,

When the sky it would caress


Pattering rain now seems bitter,

The cool breeze aloof,

To still it there is none a fetter,

Of existence no proof


Does it perceive tweets of the Koel,

That once did mellifluously croon?

Perched besides it did dwell,

And all of living did swoon


Time offers no mercy,

Putrefaction is prolonged,

Contrast deems this ecstasy,

Against reminiscences thronged


Past’s brutality flays,

The imagery bereaves,

Flee this convoluted maze,

Can these crumpled leaves?


10 thoughts on “The Autumnal Musing

  1. Had to read it thrice to make any sense out of it. And in spite of me being no great fan of poetry of this sort, it’s an amazing read. Second last stanza fucking pwns.

  2. It was indeed a little difficult to understand in the beginning but as i reread the beauty unwrapped. Beautifully crafted. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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