The Autumnal Musing

Can these crumpled leaves Evoke the eras bygone? As an aged greybeard sieves, Through a memory forlorn ** Lying on the tarmac, Decrepit, sans gleen, A mite in a haystack, Clamouring to be seen ** Trodden upon by life, Which it did once possess, When vitality was rife, When the sky it would caress ** […]

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Haiku:: Fish Stew, a site intending to pull befuddled bloggers out of the whirlpool of writer’s block, asked me to compose a Haiku on the last meal I ate. This is a classic example of why you shouldn’t force yourself to do anything, much less write Haiku for the first time. The fish immersed, in a gravy […]

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Macho* Man(ia)

This memoir dates back to the second year of cramming for IITJEE, transporting me to a place colloquially called the Rajdhani. Rajdhani has several things to boast about. The one I shall be alluding to is the bitchy winter. The 12th standard in the life of your average IIT aspirant is excruciating to say the […]

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Kehlaaya Wo:: Shaktimaan!

Adbhut, Adamya Sahas ki Paribhasha hai, Ye mitati Manavta ki Asha hai!! Stand aside for the India’s own ass-kicking, villain-incinerating, criminal-whupping superhero with a paunch… Shaktimaan!! Created and played by Mukesh Khanna, the TV programme Shaktimaan went on to be a grand success with the Indian Junta, what with tiny children leaping off skyscrapers, slitting […]

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The First Crush

This post has been written for the BlogAdda contest ‘My First Crush’. One advantage of getting to write this post in the hiatus between your 1st and the sophomore year of college, some people would presume, is that you remember more of the first time you experienced the tingles of childhood romance in all its […]

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