Youngistan ka WOW!

This post is for the Youngistaan ka WOW contest on IndiBlogger. As per the contest rules, the article that gets the highest number of unique comments from fellow bloggers qualify to win the contest. So, go ahead and share your thoughts on my challenge in the form of comments (forget not to include your URL{facebook, Orkut, blog etc.} while commenting!).

This is the contest question – If you were the game master, what challenge would you like to throw to Ranbir?

This challenge needs a bit of prod work to be done, but seeing the enormous profits generated by PepsiCo, I don’t think that should be a problem.  🙂

Ranbir stands on a rotating disc, much like the one seen in the song Om Shanti Om, which is then put into action, whirring with full vigor. It’s terminated only when Ranbir shouts, “Bas, ab mujhe chakkar aa raha hai!!”

Right in front of him are 5 mirrors, out of which 1 is merely glass. He is able to see 5 different images of a solitary Pepsi can, and he is told only one is real and the others, fake. If he chooses the wrong one, he is swung yet again, for that duration of time that he had earlier been swung, not heeding his cries of “Mujhe sach me chakkar aa raha hai!”

While he is undergoing the ordeal, one of the glass and the mirror is exchanged, (or not at all) and he is told to  make another choice.

Incidentally, if he does lock onto the right one, he has 30 secs to run to the Can and devour its contents, WITHOUT VOMITING, failure in which will lead to him undergoing the task all over again…

Theres a slightly more tacky one. How about making him do the Towel act standing contrary to the manner done in Sawariya for the benefit of my female friends? He can have all the Pepsi he wants from them thereafter!!

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29 thoughts on “Youngistan ka WOW!

  1. you thought a lot about this rite…… 🙂

    well i think he’ll puke in the first turn …….this is very tough task….and very well thought \,,/

    i wouldn’t like that towel thing included into the task………..i felt it was really gross ……to do that………

    1. Ok ditch towel…

      We will ensure he doesn’t puke in the first round itself, as in, the game needs to go on and on, without which it wouldn’t be much fun!

      He would be revolved upto a saturation point and then asked to make a decision…

    1. Hahaha…It must have been fun nevertheless! 😛

      As for the organizers of this game, they sure know now the degree of stupidity of this game thanks to your post! 😀

  2. Hey , to good a game…..Hope you will have real horse power machine for swinging..

    Is the entry still on..I will check…


  3. The first one is one wise challenge. But I would prefer to watch (if the censor board is a wee bit easy on it) the second one performed by him rather than the puking! 😉

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