Verbose Voyager

Having disembarked in this astounding land,

From the merchant ship that I had manned,

Desire arose, to view the magnificence,

Of its lovely landscapes, and Hence,

Wanderin’ in the meadows, one day,

Under the Autumn sun’s full sway,

The voluptuous violets and the periwinkle,

Wobbled, as if laughing due to a tickle,

And the breeze which flew unhindered,

Infused Nature with vigour unbridled,

When out of the blue emerged She,

O Radiance! The Quaint One, Oh Thee!

Clutching in her arms, a snowy hare,

Oblivious to my awestruck stare,

Gazing benevolently at the creature, she stroked its furry hide,

Towards her direction, I quickened my stride,

Dropped to my knees, on the soft mossy grass,

She looked in askance, and queried who I was.

“A musing traveller,” said I, “You could say,

Who scrutinizes the Lands for Beauty on his way.”

She looked at me with those eyes, hazel,

As lustrous, as sheer, as the hair of Rapunzel,

As her sleek black hair fluttered,

Under the influence of the caressing wind. She uttered,

“A free soul you might be, Stranger,

Unmindful of portents and danger,

But please do tell me what is it that you seek here,

I won’t spill your beans to anyone, have no fear!”

“Compulsion drew me” said I, “to this place,

“Your youthful, Aphroditic face,

The milky white teeth that becomes conspicuous,

Once you beam that smile of yours, rapturous,

Your cheeks of rosy pallor,

Foists into vain my pride and valour.”

She blushed deeply, dropping the hare,

Stood up swift, the Lady fair,

Flashing a most demure smile, she ran away fast,

One knoll after the other saw her rushing past,

Puzzled greatly I was by this sight,

By the rapid alacrity of her flight,

I stood up, nursing a heart sore,

And went along my way, an impetuous soul once more…


4 thoughts on “Verbose Voyager

  1. So sir, is you the traveller described here- then who is the beauty who broke your heart.
    If poetry is more than imagination an insight,Sir, you have it . Now for sure I believe your heart is broken.

    And tell me more Sailor was it in college, was in school, that you started this “voyage”.

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