The Facebook Addiction

Some classics movies I have seen in this regard, namely Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting, DevD and suchlike, have conveyed the message only too lucidly for the masses to register one damn thing- Addiction kills. For numbskulls like me, a plain message doesn’t play out until it has been experienced. And though I didn’t get […]

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The Nuisance of Necessity

(This post was written for the Clarity of Night “Silhouette Short Fiction writing contest. Using the image given below, a piece had to be written in not more than 250 words. Though I failed to make it through, I did receive encouraging as well as intricate advice from fellow contesters regarding my way of writing. You […]

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The Teeth that Demeans…

The Domino effect precipitated with me watching a movie named Teeth. Released in The Year of Our Lord 2007 with a protagonist whose facial contortions during the veritably unimportant procedure known as acting reminded me of a constipation-ridden loner, this movie had been suggested to us by our illustrious Fourth Year seniors during their Valedictory […]

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Youngistan ka WOW!

This post is for the Youngistaan ka WOW contest on IndiBlogger. As per the contest rules, the article that gets the highest number of unique comments from fellow bloggers qualify to win the contest. So, go ahead and share your thoughts on my challenge in the form of comments (forget not to include your URL{facebook, Orkut, […]

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Verbose Voyager

Having disembarked in this astounding land, From the merchant ship that I had manned, Desire arose, to view the magnificence, Of its lovely landscapes, and Hence, Wanderin’ in the meadows, one day, Under the Autumn sun’s full sway, The voluptuous violets and the periwinkle, Wobbled, as if laughing due to a tickle, And the breeze […]

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