Cupidean Calculus

Kavi Ki Kalpana:-

(The reader may, by his own discretion, torment his mind by reading this small paragraph right below.)

This poem has been written envisioning in the mind a student, a not-so-scholarly academician expressing his love for his sweetheart. He kneels in front of her 2BHK apartment, drawing an N97 from the midst of his pocket, before riffling through the various options and reaching the Drafts section inside the Messages folder. He then proceeds to clear his throat, an inhalation of adulterated oxygen giving him the much required confidence. And then, not unlike a bard, he croons the ode, as his sweetheart looks over the balcony, batting her eyelids languorously at him, on a night half illuminated by the Moon whose luminous intensity has been marred by a thick smog, ushering into limelight the criminal doings of automobiles and Chemical factories.

Laplace and Ramanujam did contribute,

To the thing, for which my dislike is absolute,

The loathing, though, wasn’t always there,

Only after epsilon-delta theorem was laid bare,

A plethora of abstract reasoning,

Fried my brain, with oil and seasoning.

Though intriguing I find of lately,

An observation, pregnant and stately,

And it’s no coincidence it occurred after the integration

Of our love. The sign of every summation,

Now resembled a curl of your lustrous hair,

An object of adulation and deserving incessant stare.

Reminded me, the fluttering of your eyebrows,

The clockwise-rotated parenthesis, as shapely as bows,

The infinity would dissect, cleaved through in half,

To become your eyes, as if crinkled when you laugh.

The radiant smile of yours would depict, oh boy!

A perfect parabola of pure joy!

It is therefore, that I now label,

Maths as something bearable.

It’s you, who has facilitated this transformation,

What was earlier, my mind’s constipation!


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