The Fallacy of Communalism

The daily schedule of the quintessential common man requires him to balance his tea cup precariously with one hand, while simultaneously managing to manoeuvre the pages of some progeny of the Fourth Estate with the other and grumble nonchalantly about the latest occurrence hindering the progress of India.

Ever noticed how the words ‘Marathi manoos’, ‘MNS’, ‘Thackerays’, ‘North Indians’, ‘!@#(some vituperation intended)%^@’ etc. are mouthed by the unassuming aforementioned man?

Promising to herald a new dawn emerge the self-proclaimed harbingers of justice, the so-called righteous brigade of a batch of jobless Junta the world witnesses once in a while.

Here come the Senas!

The Watch-dogs of the Indian society, that’s what they call themselves, though people know better than that and give the first word a miss. They amble through the streets, scrutinising it for lovelorn couples finding solace in each other’s arms to become the colloquial ‘Kabab me Haddi’. One could only justify the sadistic pleasure they derive by the fact that they may actually be haunted by the ghosts of their ineptitude in procuring love, or maybe carnal gratification!

We know what they do. Let’s not waste the verbiage on it. An unruly mob of hoodlums don’t deserve that anyway. The point here would be to envisage the bigger picture.

India has long been regarded the land of saints and snake charmers. The Mahatma, whose puritan beliefs and steadfastness to Ahimsa led us to freedom, belonged here. Though if India’s image be ascertained today, will it be that of non-violence and scrupulousness?

An advertisement is beamed on the idiot box, wherein myriad clips from sundry locales of India are displayed in rapid succession, euphonious music and the caption ‘Incredible India’ as embellishments in the background. Viewing it umpteen times has bombarded my mind with just one query.

Who are we kidding, really?

It is not camouflaged that the farcical Marathi Manoos has done nothing but tarnished the representation of the Maharashtrian people, and if we were to speak synecdochically, Indians. They have only added to the population that pricks, as if the Naxalites and terrorists weren’t enough. The ideology of Bal Thackeray could be equated with utmost ease with that of Hitler’s, though the words ‘Jews’ and ‘North  Indians’ have exchanged places. The global world may view us as an emerging superpower and a front runner in the economic sphere. With conditions breeding in the domestic arena, are we really ready to handle this responsibility?

A corollary could perhaps be drawn to something that’s been happening outside the country. Indian students in Australia have been mugged and beaten up stiff. England and USA still have stray incidents of discrimination on the basis of region. I may shriek ‘Racist’ for all eternity and they will still go on, because somewhere closer to home something is indelibly wrong. Hypocritical, to say the least.

The Sena people, all comprising majorly of educated, capable and the cognisant youth are nurtured in such a gruesome manner as to hate their own countrymen. Channelizing their efforts to something more productive shall see us rising like a phoenix from the ashes of mediocrity.  Mr. Bal Thackeray will need to realize that until he misunderstands a society and fails to see beyond the stereotypical smoke that he has conjured up in his mind regarding them, even those 10’ inch width glasses wont aid him to recognise their true potential and capability.


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