Suggestions on Sale, 100% off!

(This conversation features the likes of Mr.G and Shadri, wherein Mr. G  endeavors to ask Shadri to suggest some names for his band. He, however, fails to get the slightest premonition that 19 minutes of his life were going to go waste in the most futile, uncreative, ineffectual manner ever seen before. Mr. G, when I asked him later, confided that he would have rather watched Drona for that length of time than have had this unproductive parley.

Meanwhile, I stay indebted to Mr. G for having shared and allowed me to share with you, this.)

15:44  Mr. G : more nams
seshu007: lol
u didnt like my suggestions

15:45 Mr. G: give naa
seshu007: The Rock Paper and Scissors Band
this is nice
Mr. G: why so?

15:46 seshu007: doesnt it sound nice
what kind of band is it

15:47 Mr.G: hindi band
so a hindi name would be better
seshu007: ya

15:48 Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai
Mr.G: ?

15:49 seshu007: Band of BOys
Mr.G: Chemical Frenzy
seshu007: Rastein

15:50 Mr. G: owing to the fact that 5 outa 7 members are from chem dep
seshu007: ya
Mr.G: hmm
seshu007: hindi for a way or a road
its quite a nice name
Mr.G: i know u fool
but too common

15:51 seshu007: is it
Mr.G: doesnt serve a purpose
seshu007: it depends on why you are formng the band

15:52 Mr.G: entertainment
passion for music
seshu007: Khud Kushi
(not suicide)

15:53 more like happiness for yourself
Mr.G: faart

15:55 seshu007: FUMO
Mr.G: ?
seshu007: ( For Us Music Only)
Mr.G: hindi dude

15:56 seshu007: Sangeetkariyaan
Mr.G: ok stop
thanks for the help
seshu007: lol
if i think of something nice ill tell you
Mr.G: thanks

15:57 seshu007: i think it shud be sangeetkariyon
Mr.G: i think u should explain what the fuck does that mean
seshu007: oh … its hindi for music players
people who create music

16:00 MAD
Mr.G: Music and
seshu007: (music Aur Dosti)

16:01 Mr.G: hmm
seshu007: or SAD
Mr.G: oh nice
seshu007: (Sangeet Aur Dosti)

16:02 this is a little double meaning type one
Mr.G: ah
full form

16:03 seshu007: nothing
jeet is to win
Mr.G: oh
seshu007: and JEE
Mr.G: ok


2 thoughts on “Suggestions on Sale, 100% off!

  1. Abbe had thi yaar,

    We went ahead with Kohraam finally, but this was the limit, My friend had suggested Bombay ke Chutiye
    and crsly even that sounded awesome after this chat
    hell i was ready to call ourselves Raja band after this

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