An Insane Itinerary:Part 1

27th of November, 2009 The entire day had gone by in completion of the vestiges of the packing procedure. All that remained outside were my clothes that I had decided to peel off and shove into the baggage at the last moment. And the Studio 15, which at that moment was showcasing the story of […]

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An Insane Itinerary: Part 2

About 7.45… “The Fast local for Kalyan is scheduled to arrive at the platform at 8:50 pm. Kalyan jaane waali fast local platform me Aath Bajkar Pacchas minute pe aayegi” 7:51… The incoming train brought with it a gust of wind and multitudes of people falling out carriages who then terminated the inertia they had […]

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Berlusconi and The Butterfly Effect

Almighty above, I just love this century. There is nothing more pleasurable (except a sexual orgasm, or drug-induced euphoria perhaps, I dunno, not having experienced either of them) than seeing the plebeian, the masses take on their own course of action. We, the people, are finally beating the hell outta the system, literally or otherwise, […]

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Jay Maharashtra!

I woke up with a dull, throbbing pain in my right temple, realising almost simultaneously with a pang that I had missed my fourth economics lecture in a row. Couldn’t have possibly made matters any better, or what was more probable, worse, therefore after having attended to the early morning niceties, I plopped on my […]

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Suggestions on Sale, 100% off!

(This conversation features the likes of Mr.G and Shadri, wherein Mr. G  endeavors to ask Shadri to suggest some names for his band. He, however, fails to get the slightest premonition that 19 minutes of his life were going to go waste in the most futile, uncreative, ineffectual manner ever seen before. Mr. G, when […]

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