Saala ek Macchar Aadmi ko…

Louie hu mein, Beemari jab failaoo, Gol-gol khillauno se khelna main chahu, Jaise *Ball, aur *Mosquito Coil!!” Note:- * are mere figments of a corroding imagination and a memory going down the Alzheimer lane. This piece of composition created by one of the brightest minds in the world went on to win numerous accolades and […]

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The Farce (Reincarnated)

Disclaimer:- All the characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental and it shall not be the responsibility of the author if anyone feels he/she is being referred to and goes ballistic. The room, that day, was adorned with the presence of Rohan, Khandelwaal and Chikna, […]

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The Despicable DOSA

A ¬†short note first: (This will be the first instance where you encounter a short note which has the ability to bore. Therefore, if you like, you can skip this part) Dosa, the Food of Freedom, the Snack of Southies, the Grub of Gultis, the Toast of Tamils, the Meal of Malyalis, the Kraving of […]

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