On a Serious note…


First Reaction:-

Ha ha ….ho ho …..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh haaaaaaaaa…..he hee he hehe …….. (pause to catch my breath)………..ha ha ha ha ha…………har har har har……haaaaaaaaaaaa………

Sorry if I got carried away…

Second reaction:-

Though it was shocking to read about the head of a religious order indulging in such a seemingly diabolic act, it would not be at all fair were we to limit ourselves to the general contemplation of the plebian. True, whatever he has done was shameful and deserves punishment, but if we think with an egalitarian mind, we shall come to the conclusion that whatever Mr. Sardarji did wasn’t all so bad keeping in mind the population of India that perpetrates similar acts of perversion.

In an age where you have far too easy accessibility to pornographic material (you can get some classy stuff from the autowallahs who ferry you from one destination to another, provided you have the ability to smooth talk and are OK with bad picture quality), it is easy to deviate from the path of religious righteousness. Just because he is a priest doesn’t make him supernatural. He too is human, who craves, desires, errs, masturba meditates, does a world of good for other human beings.

JUST IMAGINE YOURSELVES SEATED ON THAT DEEWAN FOR HOURS, READING GURU  GRANTH SAHIB FOR THE 6.203X 1O^23 TIME. Hard to keep concentrating on the text, isn’t it? Makes it much harder if you have some on your phone. Mr. Sardarji, in order to keep himself off from catching 40 winks, might have decided to view the bare initials.

And got caught. Daya max.

Second reaction:-

Mr. Sardarji, of all the places in this whole wide world (home, kitchen, bathroom, your personal car, any bar, the kitchen inside the same gurudwara you were preaching in for God’s sake!) you chose to watch it on the deewan ????????”

FOOTNOTE:- I fail to gather which sonuvabitch it was exactly in my peer group that  told me that I tended to be politically correct all the time…


3 thoughts on “On a Serious note…

  1. Well now that I know my mistake I wont be changing it ‘coz that would refute your comment. Anyways am glad to hear that you liked it. 😀

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