Insouciant IITians

(A post dedicated entirely to orientations shall be up very soon. They do require all the limelight that they deserve. This incident took place a day after I came to the hostel, a period when boredom came to bite me on the bums.)

SCENE:- Hostel 4 TV lounge, Freshers from every corner of the country gathered up here to watch HellBoy Part 1. Presently a boy comes up and sits beside me whom I later deduced to be hailing from Bihar.

(Disclaimer:- It’s not that I am prejudiced against BIharis. In fact, some of my best friends are from Bihar. Is just that they tend to do things, well, differently, that makes them an easy target.)

Presently his friend, presumably from Bihar comes and sits beside him.

For reasons of conspicuousness we will call them Bihari1 and Bihari2.

Bihari 2:- Kaunsa Philm hai?

Bihari 1:- Hairy Pottor.

(Come again?)

Bihari2:- Arey haan hum to dekhe hai, kaunsa Part hai?

Bihari1:- Pata nahi part shayad second part hai.

(Readers will notice that no effort on my part went towards the correction of Bihari1’s blunder. However, reasons are quite obvious.)

Bihari2:- Bhai hume to Yemma Whatson badi acchi lagti hai.

Bihari1:- Izzat se bhosdike teri Bhabhi hai wo…

Bihari2:- Chal be…

Meanwhile AXN bonks an advertisement. The TV tells us Hellboy would resume after a short commercial break.

Bihari1:- Ohh ye to Hell boy hai…        

Bihari2:- Ohhhh…

(The advertisements end after a painful 5 minutes and the show resumes. The stillness is punctuated by the raucous laughter of the inmates as Hellboy gets his head dashed ridiculously against the wall. Bihari1 and Bihari2 maintain a stoic silence.)

Bihari1 (vehemently):- Pata nahi kis cheez pe has rahe saale. Apne aapko bade teesmarkha samajhte hain.

Bihari2 :- wohi na, chutiye saale, ek daanav apne sar ko dewaar pe thok raha hai aur inhe hasi aa jati hai. Isse accha comedy to KRK karta hai…

Bihari1:- Yaar hum se ye chutiyaap jhelaa nahi jayega. Hum to nikal rahe hai.

Bihari2:- Hum bhi…



Well, atleast I got to watch the rest in peace…

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2 thoughts on “Insouciant IITians

  1. hope they never found out this blog was about them. And seriously its not only bihari. those who are incessant only in watching hollywood in Hindi(which I must add i despise translation, it kills the actual fun) are bound to behave ignorantly.

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