Orkut Personalities

Speaking of Orkut, one of the largest social networking site in the world, with peers and acquaintances literally going gaga over it, there has been little perpetration to stem its ever expanding network. It seems diabolically taboo to not find a new member of one’s kinship listed in its database. Indeed, just after the 9th grade […]

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The Detour

“Race?” Adhiraj looked at me in askance. “Naah…I am too depressed.” said I in a glum voice. “Just because you couldn’t answer a couple of questions before Ntika or Disha. Gimme a break, man. Sometimes you nerds just freak me out.” ” You could never undergo the jubilation experienced after thrashing a topper in their […]

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An Early Morning Jog in Nagpur

The enigmatic smile decorating the wizened face of my Dad puzzled me to some extent. It was alarming that he should smile, more so at the fact which I had divulged to him a minute earlier. That was, I had started to work out, just general calisthenics and crunches among other things, and an early […]

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